Pagcor City

SixSenses Resort is very closed, yet detached from the hassle and bustle of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation’s PAGCOR City (also know as Entertainment City Manila or Bagong Nayong Filipino).

Pagcor City or Bagong Nayong Pilipino Entertainment City Manila

Entertainment City Manila (also known as Bagong Nayong Pilipino Entertainment City Manila and sometimes called Bagong Nayong Pilipino Manila Bay Tourism City) or simply Pagcor City is Asia’s Las Vegas-like gaming and entertainment complex that PAGCOR proposed to offer on 8 km² of land on the reclamation area of Manila Bay, Philippines. Investments to the project can reach up to $15 billion. All investments will come from private companies. The project is officially named as the “Bagong Nayong Pilipino-Entertainment City Manila”, and has been called several other names by the press. The most common name being referenced is “Entertainment City Manila”. The site has been declared a PEZA approved economic zone.

SixSenses Resort is located near Pagcor CitySixSenses Resort is located near Pagcor City.







Belle Grande Casino & Resort

Within Pagcor City, Belle Corp., an SM subsidiary, is developing a 50,000 sq.m. casino development called Bell Grande Casino & Resort. Belle Corp. expects to start operations of its $750-million casino complex by first quarter of 2013.  The complex will include 6 hotel towers with combined 1,000 rooms, including 88 luxury suites.  The 6-star all-suites hotel will be the first to open, managed by Raintree Group.

SixSenses Resort is located near Pagcor City where

Solaire Casino

Solaire is the casino development of Bloombury Investments.  As part of Pagcor Entertainment City, Solaire is planned to be integrated resort & gaming complex that includes a five-star, 500-room hotel on a 165,000-square-meter land.

SixSenses Resort is located near Pagcor City where Solaire Casino

Your neighborhood at SixSenses Resort is getting exciting everyday.  As construction are now on-going or planned to start within Alphaland Bay City, Resort World Bayshore and Manila Bay Resort.

Alphaland Bay City

Alphaland Bay City is a premium, self-contained, seaside community with a world-class Marina Club as its centerpiece. Situated in the fast-growing Macapagal Avenue area south of Manila, and easily accessible from Ninoy Aquino Airport, Makati and the South China Sea, Alphaland Bay City offers an ideal location for high-end residential, hotel, office, commercial and retail developments in a growing economy.

Your home at SixSenses Resort is located near Alphaland Bay City

Manila Bay Resorts

Manila Bay Resorts is an entertainment complex composed of 21,500 sq.m. casino, a 33-story hotel with 2,300 hotel and VIP rooms, villas along the bay, restaurants, world’s largest oceanarium, theater, sport arena, museum, and a giant ferries wheel.  Manila Bay Resorts is a project of Universal Entertainment Corp., a leading Japanese gaming machine maker.

Manila Bay Resorts is intended to be a family oriented venue, it will also feature an indoor man-made beach enclosed in a glass dome that will allow the use of natural lighting to replicate the authentic beach experience. It will also feature Las Vegas-style water fountain shows.

Your home at SixSenses Resort is located near Resort World Bayshore

Resort World Bayshore

Resort World is joint venture of Alliance Global Group Inc. and Star Cruises Ltd.  The consortium will build several hotels with room count aggregating 3,400 rooms with six-star amenities.  Other facilities planned include a world-class theme park and museum.  The project is expected to costs over $1.1 billion.

Resort World Bayshore near SixSenses Resort in Manila Bay

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